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...about the dude that maintains this site...

LOLI'm not necessarily a fan of these kinds of pages, but I get enough questions that I thought there might be interest.

My name is Robert Porter and I am a fan of Jeff Lynne's music. I've been a fan since around 1980 or so when I realized that those 45 records I was buying in my youth were by the same band and written and produced by the same person. It's cool as I still have the first ELO record I ever bought, Confusion, with my carefully scripted writing of the song title on the white record sleeve. Some of you may know me from way back because I was big into collecting ELO memorabilia back in the late 1980s, but those days are gone. These days I fulfill my obsessive compulsive needs by cataloging and categorizing all the songs of Jeff Lynne. I enjoy it in a perverse sort of way and hopefully it brings a bit of joy to people's lives to see the fruits of my labor. Right now I have a full time job as a software developer, which I really enjoy. But I also enjoy working on this site when I can as a way to relax. Call me crazy.

I am first and foremost a fan of the music of Jeff Lynne. As such, the band without Jeff Lynne (beit ELO Part II, Orchestra, or whatever variation) doesn't really interest me as much, although I like their music well enough. I hold no animosity toward them and wish them the best of success. No matter what your opinion, the Jeff Lynne-less ELO is legally not really ELO, so I treat it as such.

Regarding this website, I try my best to just state the facts and to not let my opinions show. Thus you shouldn't see me expressing myself in regards to the quality of Jeff's material. I leave that to the reader and critics to decide. I try to stick to the facts and occasional supposition. Also, I am not a musician. As such, I have little offer by way of chords, notes, etc.

That's it. I always enjoy hearing from fans that enjoy this site. Feel free to contact me just to chat. And, as always, if you see anything that needs correcting or you have a recommendation for improvement, please let me know. Just be patient if it takes me a while to respond as I get a lot of email. Thanks for reading!

Robert Porter
September 2019