Jeff Lynne - Doin' That Crazy Thing [Single Version]Details

Magazine ad for Jeff Lynne's Doin' That Crazy Thing"[Lynne] made a solo single just for fun (a disco spoof called Doin' That Crazy Thing)."
Bev Bevan (April 10, 1978 Good Times #194)

"[Doin' That Crazy Thing] was just a bit of fun. I played everything and I had a great time doing that. I'm the best disco drummer you've ever seen, steady as a rock. What happened was that I was in Hawaii with David Arden, our manager, and we were in this disco, dancin' and boozin' and I thought, 'I'm going to nick one of these records because that's one of the best drum beats I've heard.' Then I went home and wrote this silly little tune."
Jeff Lynne (1978 May 27 - Melody Maker)

"Soon after this the release of With A Little Help From My Friends/Nowhere Man], Jeff released Doin' That Crazy Thing, b/w Goin' Down To Rio. They are both disco-orientated songs, the A-side in particular sounding very like the Bee Gees, whilst the 8-side had a Latin influence later picked up on on Across The Border and The Way Life's Meant To Be. In America, even the added attractions(?) of a 12-inch picture sleeve detailing an accompanying dance routine could not persuade the record to chart."
Ian Somerville (1988 - Face The Music fanzine #4)

"...Jeff... started to record Doin' That Crazy Thing / Goin' Down To Rio. Both songs were pure Disco in the dreadful sound people loved to listen to in those days. Jeff had listened to that kind of sound in a disco and wondered if he could do it as good-- or as bad!-- as they did it. He played all the instruments on this record and had a good laugh, when the record totally flopped."
Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages)

"The string [of ELO hits] gave ELO plenty of time to work on... various solo projects, most notably Lynne's maiden voyage, the vastly underrated and nearly-forgotten Doin' That Crazy Thing."
Unknown (May 2001 - 2001 ELO remasters press kit)

"A solo single by Jeff Lynne, Doin' That Crazy Thing, received very little airplay and sank without a trace."
John Van Der Kiste (December 8, 2014 - Roy Wood: The Move, Wizzard and Beyond)

"In the summer of 1977 Jeff wrote, recorded, and released his own contribution to the disco market, the single Doin’ That Crazy Thing. Despite the group’s high profile at that time, the public were evidently not ready to accept Jeff as a solo performer as well, for the record received little airplay and did not chart. But as far as the group were concerned, things could hardly have been better—and there would be more new world records to follow."
John Van der Kiste (August 2015 - Jeff Lynne: Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After)

  • Running Time: 3:25
  • Record Date: 1977
  • Record Location: Unknown
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Engineered By: Unknown
  • Performed By: Jeff Lynne (guitar, vocals, bass, drums, keyboards)

  • Released On:
    • Doin' That Crazy Thing 7" single (1977 — UK — Jet UP 36281)
    • Doin' That Crazy Thing 7" single (1977 July — USA — Jet JT-XW 1072)
    • Doin' That Crazy Thing 7" promo single (1977 July — USA — Jet JT-XW 1072)
    • Doin' That Crazy Thing 12" single (1977 July — USA — Jet JT-DW 1072)
    • Doin' That Crazy Thing 7" single (1978 — UK — Jet S JET 102)
    • A Box Of Their Best LP album (1980 August 7 — USA — Jet Z4X 36966) [as a bonus one-sided 7" single running at 33 1/3 speed (and stock number AE7 1220); only the early releases of the boxed set had the single]

  • Top UK Chart Position: - Did not chart
  • Top US Chart Position: - Did not chart