Jeff Lynne - Every Little Thing [Single/Album Version]Details

This song contains a lyric and melody line from the Smokey Robinson and The Miracles 1966 hit, Going To A Go-Go. Some sources say it's a sample but it's not a direct sample (a copy of the recording), merely a Jeff Lynne singing the chorus and melody in a small portion of the song at the beginning of the second verse. It's more of an homage than a rip-off. Because of this, some sources add the writers of Going To A Go-Go, William Robinson, Robert Rogers, Marv Tarplin, and Warren Moore, to the writer credits of the song Every Little Thing.

"The [Armchair Theatre] album will be preceded by the release of the single and video Every Little Thing, and upbeat rocker that particularly highlights the British singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer's approach: it crosses the modern with imaginitively-assimilated elements of early rock & roll and features this unique vocals and distinctive layered harmonies."
Unknown (early 1990 - Armchair Theatre press kit)

"It's more or less just acoustic on [Every Little Thing]. We just sat around in the kitchen doing three acoustics. Also, Richard Tandy, from my old group E.L.O., he played rhythm on that one as well on that one. It's just having fun, really. Y'know, there's no basic, sort of structure to it. I'd just say to him, 'George [Harrison], would you like to play something on there?' And luckily he did."
Jeff Lynne (June 23, 1990 - Timothy White's Rock Stars: Jeff Lynne's Musical Chairs)

"[Armchair Theatre reaches] it's high point with a song right at the beginning with a song called Every Little Thing. I thing Every Little Thing is staggering, a history of the central rock riffsin just under four minutes and the most honest tribute to Motown a white musician has ever achieved."
Ken Tucker (July 6, 1990 - Fresh Air NPR radio show)

"Any fears that Jeff may have lost the ability to create hook-laden songs which instantly lodge themselves in the brain can be dispelled. Every Little Thing, the LP's opening track and lead single is an absolute stormer. A heavy pounding backbeat (a la Got My Mind Set On You), off-tuned discordant guitar, the trademarked Richard Tandy keyboard flourishes, plus a musical and lyrical nod of the head to Going To A Go-Go make this a Lynne foot-tapper with a vengeance. Expect it in the Top Tens of the world in the next few months."
Rob Caiger and Andrew Whiteside (1990 - Face The Music fanzine #7)

"The percussion section and the two singers from Ravi Shankar's band were featured on Now You're Gone, Every Little Thing, and Lift Me Up and gave those tracks a bit of an Indian feel. Michael Kamen, whom Jeff had also met like Ravi Shankar through George Harrison was responsible for the strings on Every Little Thing and Blown Away. [...] The first single [from Armchair Theatre] was Every Little Thing backed with the unreleased I'm Gone..."
Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages)

"[Armchair Theatre is] Jeff Lynne's 1990 solo debut album on which George performed. George also appeared as guest musician and vocalist on Every Little Thing, the first single released from the album. [...] [1990:] On Armchair Theatre, Jeff Lynne's first solo album, George appeared as guest artist on four of the eleven tracks-- he played acoustic guitar and backing vocals on Every Little Thing. [...] [1990:] On Armchair Theatre, Jeff Lynne's first solo album, George appeared as guest artist on four of the eleven tracks-- he played acoustic guitar and backing vocals on Every Little Thing; slide guitar, acoustic guitar, harmony vocal and backing vocals on Lift Me Up; slide guitar and acoustic guitar on September Song; and slide guitar and acoustic guitar on Stormy Weather."
Bill Harry (2003 - The George Harrison Encyclopedia)

"On the first single and sort-of hit Every Little Thing Lynne blows his wad before you've heard the second song: choired vocals, beefy saxophones just because he can, a battalion of fiercely strummed acoustic guitars keeping the damn thing afloat through surprising chord changes. It's not so much a song as a sound collage, generations of pop music tropes, musical and lyrical, flashing in milliseconds. "
Alfred Soto (October 25, 2005 - Stylus online magazine's On Second Thought article)

"Tracks like opener Every Little Thing, the AOR What Would It Take? [sic] the gorgeous melt-in-the-mouth melody of Lift Me Up and the plaintive eco-friendly song Save Me Now demand more attention than radio originally gave them."
Duncan Jamieson (March 2013 - Melodic Rock Fanzine #55)

"With gorgeous pop hits in Every Little Thing and Lift Me Up, the album was first released following the success of Lynne's work on George Harrison's Cloud Nine, Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever, and the debut record of the Traveling Wilburys, which Lynne was a member of along with Harrison, Petty, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison."
David Chiu (April 3, 2013 - CBS News online)

"Well, [Every Little Thing is] a good one and at the time, I was really pleased with it. But you can't always dictate what will happen."
Jeff Lynne (April 21, 2013 - Ultimate Classic Rock online magazine)

"Lynne offered an eclectic set of original songs, from the instantly infectious rocker Every Little Thing, the album's first single..."
David Wild (April 2013 - liner notes for Armchair Theatre remaster)

"Some of the original songs on [Armchair Theatre] I really like. Like Every Little Thing is a really good single, you know. I think it's got every... all the little bits are in the right place... every little thing. [Laughs]"
Jeff Lynne (July 25, 2013 - The World Cafι)

"In the end, Armchair Theatre was sonically very much of a piece with the string of hits Lynne produced for other artists in the late ’80s and early ’90s, which made it something of a surprise that the album ultimately didn’t do very well on the charts, stalling at No. 83 in the U.S. while spinning off a pair of modest singles in Lift Me Up and Every Little Thing."
Jeff Giles (July 2, 2015 - Ultimate Classic Rock online magazine article)

"In the end, Armchair Theatre probably would have been better had it not led with the titanic amalgam Every Little Thing — which is still a peak moment for Jeff Lynne’s post classic-era Electric Light Orchestra career, in that encapsulates every lovable trick, every tick, every success, every cliche, ever unfathomably catchy element of his mixologist’s muse."
Nick DeRiso (July 6, 2015 - Something Else! website review)

"The [Armchair Theatre] album enjoyed modest success, as did two tracks released as singles, Every Little Thing and Lift Me Up."
John Van der Kiste (August 2015 - Jeff Lynne: Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After)

  • Running Time: 3:44
  • Record Date: 1990
  • Record Location: Raindirk at Posh Studios, Birmingham, UK (Jeff Lynne's home studio)
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Engineered By: Richard Dodd
  • Performed By: Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, acoustic guitars, background vocals), Jim Horn (saxophones), Mette Mathiesen (drums, percussion), George Harrison (acoustic guitars, background vocals), Richard Tandy (acoustic guitars), Phil Hatton (background vocals), Hema Desai (operatic voice), Michael Kamen (strings)

  • Released On:
    • Armchair Theatre LP album (1990 June 12 — USA — Reprise 9 26184-1)
    • Armchair Theatre CD album (1990 June 12 — USA — Reprise 9 26184-2)
    • Every Little Thing 7" single (1990 June — UK — Reprise W 9799)
    • Every Little Thing 12" single (1990 June — UK — Reprise W9799T)
    • Every Little Thing CD single (1990 June — UK — Reprise W9799CD)
    • Armchair Theatre LP album (1990 July 2 — UK — Reprise WX 347)
    • Armchair Theatre CD album (1990 July 2 — UK — Reprise 7599-26184-2)
    • Every Little Thing 7" single (1990 June — USA — Reprise 5439-19799-7 (D)) [single manufactured in Germany; but sold as US single]
    • Every Little Thing cassette single (1990 June — USA — Reprise 19799-4)
    • Every Little Thing CD promo single (1990 June — USA — Reprise PRO-CD-4088)
    • Armchair Theatre CD album (2013 April 19 — Japan — Avalon MICP-30045)
    • Armchair Theatre CD album (2013 April 22 — Europe — Frontiers Records FR CD 597)
    • Armchair Theatre digital album (2013 April 22 — Europe — Frontiers Records ?)
    • Armchair Theatre CD album (2013 April 23 — USA — Frontiers Records FR CD 597)
    • Armchair Theatre digital album (2013 April 23 — USA — Frontiers Records ?)
    • Armchair Theatre LP album (2013 July 22 — UK — Let Them Eat Vinyl LETV098LP)
    • Armchair Theatre digital album (2018 January 12 — Worldwide — Legacy Recordings 886446781501)
    • Original Album Classics CD album (2018 September 14 — Europe — Sony 1 90758 81832 0)

  • Top UK Chart Position: 59
  • Top US Chart Position: - Did not chart
  • Cover Versions: Michael Carpenter on the Lynne Me Your Ears tribute album (2001)