Dave Morgan - God's Good Time [Album Version]Details

"[All God's Blessings] is a tape done mostly in the front room, and some of the tunes I've done I consider to be among my best work. One of them's produced by Jeff Lynne. I worked on his album [Armchair Theatre], and when it was all done, he said he'd produce one of my records."
Dave Morgan (1992 - Face The Music fanzine #12)

"For the record, Jeff, credited as 'Otis Wilbury', produces and appears on God's Good Time, together with Richard and Dave..."
Rob Caiger (1992 - Face The Music fanzine #12)

"Jeff also fulfilled his promise made to Dave Morgan during the recordings for Armchair Theatre and produced one song entitled God's Good Time under his [psuedonym] name Otis Wilbury which appeared on Dave Morgan's All God's Blessings private 11-track tape release. [...] During [1991] Dave Morgan recorded Christian music for his performance at churches. After the shows he sold his private produced All God's Blessings tapes, containing 11 songs to the church goers. The tape had a plain title sleeve made up on his computer and featured God's Good Time, a track which was produced by none other than Jeff Lynne alias 'Otis Wilbury' who was also in the choir on that track."
Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages)

"God's Good Time includes Richard Tandy on keyboards and a certain 'fourth (or fifth?) Beatle' (a.k.a. Otis Wilbury, or even Jeff Lynne) as producer."
John Van Der Kiste (1998 Face the Music (fanclub) fanzine)

"I'd done some work on [Jeff Lynne's Armchair Theatre] album, and he said, 'Would you like me to do a song for you, Dave, after you've worked on my album?'. I said 'All Right,' and played him all these God songs which I'd got going. He liked a couple of them, but he plumped for that one, he got an idea for that one straight away as I was strumming through, he'd got some production idea's straight away as I was strumming through, so we worked on that one. "
Dave Morgan (March 4, 1999 - King Of The Universe #8)

"God's Good Time - produced by Jeff Lynne [and recorded] at his 24 track home studio with bluesey keyboard by RICHARD TANDY."
Dave Morgan (circa 2000 - Call review at http://www.scottmorgan.co.uk/)

  • Running Time: 3:50
  • Record Date: 1991
  • Record Location: Raindirk at Posh Studios, Birmingham, UK (Jeff Lynne's home studio)
  • Written By: Dave Morgan
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Engineered By: Unknown
  • Performed By: Dave Morgan (vocals, guitar), Jeff Lynne (keyboards), Richard Tandy (keyboard), other artists and instruments unknown

  • Released On:
    • All God's Blessings cassette album (1992 UK self published by Dave Morgan with no stock number)
    • Call CD album (September 1997 UK self published by Dave Morgan CDM97)