Tom Jones - Lift Me Up [Tom Jones Album Version]Details

"As hinted at in last issues's Jeff Lynne News, Uncle Jeffrey has been working with Britain's premier leather-trousered yodeller (sorry Kelly, we're talking about Tom Jones, not you!). The Las Vegas larynx has recorded a version of Jeff's 1990 classic Lift Me Up on his new album The Lead And How To Swing It (ZIT/East West 6544924982), with Jeff sitting in the producer's chair. Q's Mat Snow described the track as 'a slinky power ballad' and went on to give the LP four stars. Funnily enough, the FTM verdict is that whilst we like the LP, Lift Me Up is one of the less successful tracks here as it's not really suited to Tom's voice. Shame that he didn't do Every Little Thing instead."
Andrew Whiteside (December 1994 - Face The Music fanzine #19)

"The [Tom Jones] album The Lead And How To Swing It which won the FTM award for 'worst album cover of the decade' featured a cover version of Jeff's Lift Me Up. Apart from being just a cover version Jeff Lynne produced the track again and played all the instruments with the exeption [sic] of Jim Horn's saxophone."
Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages)

"Tom Jones recorded Lift Me Up, a cover version of the song originally on Armchair Theatre, for his 1994 album The Lead and How to Swing It, with Jeff producing and playing every instrument except saxophone. [Tom states:] 'Working with Jeff was great fun. We did the song at his studio in LA. Jeff said that I ruined one of his microphones and two of his daughters!"
John Van der Kiste (August 2015 - Jeff Lynne: Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After)

  • Running Time: 3:45
  • Record Date: 1993 or 1994
  • Record Location: Unknown
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Engineered By: Mark Stebbeds & Bradley Cook
  • Performed By: Tom Jones (vocals), Lisa Frazier (background vocals), Cathy Merrick (background vocals), Jim Horn (saxophone), Jeff Lynne (piano, guitars, keyboards, percussion, background vocals)

  • Released On:
    • The Lead And How To Swing It CD album (1994 UK Interscope Records 6544-92498-2)
    • The Lead And How To Swing It CD album (1994 October 18 USA Interscope Records 92457-2)
    • The Lead And How To Swing It CD album (2003 February 20 UK Commercial Marketing ?)
    • The Lead And How To Swing It digital album (2003 February 20 UK Spectrum ?)
    • The Lead And How To Swing It digital album (2012 December 4 USA Interscope Records ?)