Aerosmith - Lizard Love [Unreleased Studio Recording]Details

Jeff Lynne stated in an interview that this song is incomplete, but since Jeff Lynne has proven that the songs he calls "incomplete" are pretty much a full complete song that isn't quite mixed to his final satisfaction, this song probably does exist in a completed state. The song was finally released in 2003 on the Rugrats Go Wild soundtrack, with new vocals and new lyrics recorded over an original 1990s backing track. The song is known to be later reworked for the Jurassic Park movie, but was rejected and still unreleased. In fact, there is some theories that Jeff Lynne was not involved with the first Get A Grip sessions version at all and was only brought in for the Jurassic Park version. The original version recorded during Aerosmith's Get A Grip sessions and the Jurassic Park version remain unreleased. Some original lyrics were posted online in the past, but it is unclear if these are the original Get A Grip or Jurassic Park lyrics, but they are clearly different than the eventual Rugrats Go Wild version. These lyrics are:
I was walking down the street
When someone called my name
She had spiked heels on her feet
And she was feeling no pain

Oh, must be lizard love

So I hid behind the newspaper
Turned to page six
She was in her birthday suit
Behind a crucifix

Oh must be lizard love

She was hangin big booty
She was puss'n'boots way up to here
She's a little bit of heaven, a 24-7
A 10 every day of the year

Now there must be some mistake
I'm feeling so high strung
She said "I make love like a snake,
I even got a forked tongue"

At first I thought I was dreaming
That I'd wake up and she'd dissappear
But when I opened up my eyes
She was laughing and screaming,
swinging from a chandalier

You know I never seem to give
Or ever get enough
And I just can't seem to live without
That sweet bodacious stuff

Oh, must be lizard love

"Further production work by Jeff included a few tracks for Aerosmith including Lizard Love in 1994 but they have yet to see the light of day..."
Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages)
Editor's note: It has been determined that this song is from the January and February 1992 Get A Grip sessions.

"Lizard Love is the title of a song Jeff has recorded with stadium rock legends Aerosmith. More details as and when [they are available]."
Andrew Whiteside (December 1994 - Face The Music fanzine #19)

"It was great fun meeting them. I just did a little bit with Aerosmith. We just tried to write a little song called Lizard Love, but uh, it never got finished and uh... But it was great hanging out with the guys, real nice guys."
Jeff Lynne (June 6, 2001 - Rockline)

  • Running Time: Unknown
  • Record Date: January and/or February 1992
  • Record Location: A&M Studios, Los Angeles, California
  • Written By: Steve Tyler, Joe Perry & Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne and/or Bruce Fairburn
  • Engineered By: Unknown
  • Performed By: Steve Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), other artists and musicians unknown

  • Released On: Unreleased