Electric Light Orchestra - Rain Is Falling [Album Version]Details

"I don't really know [what inspired Rain Is Falling]... except maybe our usual wet summer. But... Apart from that, [I don't know what inspired it]. I think it's a fairly typical E.L.O. song... uh, a typical E.L.O. sound. Um. It just... I think it just breaks up... Again, it's another change of mood. I mean the whole [Time] album is one change to the next, y'know, we never... We're only aware of not being caught up in the same sort of... within the same sort of sound from track to track. We try to vary each one as it comes along. [...] Yeah, um, yeah, again [the 'rain, rain, go away theme' is] getting back to the mystical thing, y'know, the visions of childhood and dreams of simplicity."
Bev Bevan (1981 - Interview on Perth Radio 6PM)

"Actually, one interpretation of it is, is actually in this place looking out of this window and he's... it's still in that future period. And, uh, I think it's just a depressing time just watching it all go by in the hundred years future. And, uh, he's standing at this window watching everything go by. Yeah, [he's thinking about] his past that was, like, a couple hours before."
Jeff Lynne (1981 - Innerview with Jim Ladd)

"Besides focussing on the trials and tribulations of various love affairs, Jeff has also covered in his lyrics that Great British topic of conversation - the weather. Generally, it's either been throwing it down with rain or 'the sun beats down on the main street'. These two extremes have come to be the tell-tale for the mood of the lyrics as well. The sunshine has meant couples happy together in Jeff's songs, whilst the rain on the window pane has been the tears in the eyes of the lovers who are miles apart. You only have to look at the lyrics to Mr Blue Sky, Standin' In The Rain, Rain Is Falling, Confusion, So Fine and Sweet Is The Night to see this. They're simple, yet effective. [...] Despite the sometimes simple world Jeff paints for us, he has on occasion used 'big' words where usually shorter ones may be. Clearly, they're there purely because they fit - and nicely too, it must be said. Take, for example, ...from Rain Is Falling, "but with all their great inventions, and all their good intentions here I stay"."
Neil Frost (1987 - Face The Music fanzine #3)

"Rain Is Falling now has a fade-in intro [on the new USA CD]."
Andrew Whiteside (1988 - Face The Music fanzine #4)

"Side Two [of Time] opens with Rain Is Falling, which continues Jeff's long fascination with 'the wet stuff that falls from the sky' (copyright Gill, 1987), and its intro cheekily pinches the tune of the old children's nursery rhyme, 'It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring'. Ironically, bearing in mind his fondness for using the weather as a metaphor for the song's emotional state, both lyrically and musically it's a relatively happy toon [sic]."
Andrew Whiteside (1992 - Face The Music fanzine #13)

"Twilight and Rain Is Falling, two other Time songs included on Afterglow, also became singles, but didn't score as high in the charts [as Hold On Tight]."
Ira Robbins (1995 liner notes for Strange Magic: The Best Of Electric Light Orchestra)

"I think it's about some scientists trying to mess about with time. But it's quite a nice tune."
Jeff Lynne (2001 - Time Remaster)

"Yours Truly, 2095; The Rain Is Falling; 21st Century Man and Ticket to the Moon all rebooted ELO’s aesthetic for the neon decade"
Mark Beaumont (March 30, 2016 - The Guardian)

  • Running Time: 3:55
  • Record Date: March to summer(?) 1981
  • Record Location: Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Engineered By: Mack
  • Performed By: Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer), Bev Bevan (drums, percussion), Richard Tandy (piano, synthesizer, electric piano, guitar), Kelly Groucutt (bass), Rainer Pietsch (orchestra conductor)

  • Released On:
    • Time LP album (1981 July — USA — Jet FZ 37371)
    • Time LP album (1981 July 31 — UK — Jet JET LP 236)
    • Time Half Speed Mastered LP album (1981 — UK — Jet HZ 37371)
    • Time CD album (1987 — USA — Jet ZK 37371)
    • Time LP album (1988 — UK — Epic 460212-1)
    • Time CD album (1988 — UK — Epic 460212-2)
    • Discovery/Time LP album (1989 — UK — Epic 465224-1)
    • Discovery/Time CD album (1989 — UK — Epic 465224-2)
    • Time CD album (2001 June 11 — UK — Epic 5019062)
    • Time CD album (2001 June 12 — USA — Epic/Legacy EK 85421)
    • Time digital album (2003 — UK — Epic 5099750190623)
    • Time digital album (2003 — USA — Epic/Legacy 696998542129)
    • The Collection CD album (2004 November 12 — UK — Sony/BMG 5099751866527)
    • Discovery/Time CD album (2006 April 10 — UK — Sony/BMG 88697149622)
    • Eldorado/Time/Secret Messages CD album (2007 September 6 — UK — Sony/BMG 88697161622)
    • Original Album Classics CD album (2010 October 25 — Europe — Sony 886997873423)
    • The Classic Albums Collection CD boxed set (2011 November — USA — Epic 8 89978 73262 0)
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    • Time LP album (2016 July 1 — UK — Sony 88985312331)

  • Top UK Chart Position: N/A
  • Top US Chart Position: - Did not chart