The Everly Brothers - The Story Of Me [Single/Album Version]Details

"Jeff Lynne came up with the song Story Of Me [sic]. And I had spoken to Dave [Edmunds] on the phone from Nashville months and months before we really got into the studio. We were... Dave was finishing his album and... Dave had asked him, how 'bout a song for Don and Phil? Y'know, we were coming over... The song title alone was enough to make me keep pushing for it. To me it sound a bit like pieces of Phil and I's lives, kinda. In a collage... It's quite unusual for us, but I think it worked really well."
Don Everly (1984 - Album Flash VHS videotape)

"I was in the studio with Jeff Lynne from ELO who was producing some tracks he'd written for me. And he did [write a song for the Everly Brothers at my request]. And he actually had the backing track of it on a cassette. And he played it to me. And sang the song. It's called Story Of Me [sic]."
Dave Edmunds (1984 - Album Flash VHS videotape)

"Don and I are two individuals, really, but we're looked on as the one person. And when you say 'the story of me,' you can't say 'the story of mes,' you know, which we'd also laughed about. That third party... The Everly Brothers are a third party and it's really the story of me, the Everly Brothers, the third party. [Jeff] came down to London [and] re-wrote it twice for us to... as we did the first take, you know, and... He worked out harmony parts and he worked out... He's quite a perfectionist. And it's really a delight just to work with him."
Phil Everly (1984 - Album Flash VHS videotape)

"...when [Don and Phil Everly] approached The Story Of Me, written by Jeff Lynne of ELO, they deliberately chose to score the song with synthesizers instead of the acoustic guitars of the early recordings or the strings of Let It Be Me."
Ray Connolly (EB '84 liner notes)

"When the Everly Brothers decided to record their re-union album, with Dave Edmunds as producer, Jeff sent in a tape of his composition The Story Of Me. The Everly's liked the track so much that they wanted to name their album The Story Of Me, but finally settled on E.B. 84 (or The Everly Brothers as the album was simply entitled in the UK). The track was recorded with Jeff on bass guitar and Richard Tandy on keyboards. Jeff and Richard were also responsible for the arrangements on the track. Jeff also had plans for working on The Ever3ly Brothers' next album (Born Yesterday, 1985), but this didn't work out as Jeff was busy with the follow up album to Secret Messages."
Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages)

"It was just a thrill to having them singing me song, y'know. But I never thought about it was a different sound or not. I realized it was because I'd actually done a demo of that song at home, and, uh, I took it down, 'cause Dave Edmunds was producing the album. And, uh, he said, 'Have you got any songs for 'em?' And I said, 'I have got one of mine that might work really good, it's called The Story Of Me.' And I took it down to them and they loved it. And they just said, 'Oh, we gotta record that one.' And this is the Everly Brothers and I went, 'Oh, that's good. Smashing.' And, um, we did the song. I rerecorded the backing, uh, copied me demo that I'd done. And, uh, and that more or less what the sound is. It's mainly Oberheim keyboard. And it was good fun to do. I mean, it was amazing them singing me song."
Jeff Lynne (October 1998 - interview with Mark Copolov on 88.3 Southern FM Australia)

"[Dave] Edmunds... went on to produce The Everly Brothers reunion album and invited Jeff to write a song. His composition, The Story Of Me, was so popular with the Everly's that they wanted the same title for their album. In the end, the record company [chose] E.B. '84 as the title (Everly Brothers in the UK) and released The Story Of Me as the first single."
Rob Caiger (February 26, 2007 - Balance Of Power remaster liner notes)

"It was [The Story Of Me]. I wrote the song for them. I didn't produce it. Dave Edmunds produced it. But I just happened to play them a backing track while I was visiting Dave and them in the studio. I just went to say hello to them, really. And they went, 'Oh, I love that! Could you finish it? And we'll sing it. Like, when can you finish it?' I said, 'Oh, well, I'll have to go get me gear and bring it down here and record it.' And so I did, came back the next day and recorded it. And then Dave produced it."
Jeff Lynne (November 30, 2012 - The Adam Carolla Show)

"I didn't really work with the Everlys, but I wrote a song for them (The Story Of Me) for their 1984 comeback album. It was produced by Dave Edmunds, who I'd worked with a couple of years earlier."
Jeff Lynne (December 2012 - Record Collector magazine)

"[Jeff] also wrote The Story of Me, recorded by the Everly Brothers on their comeback album EB84..."
John Van der Kiste (August 2015 - Jeff Lynne: Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After)

  • Running Time: 4:11
  • Record Date: 1983 or 1984
  • Record Location: Maison Rouge Studios, London, UK
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Dave Edmunds (& arranged by Jeff Lynne)
  • Engineered By: Unknown
  • Performed By: Don Everly (vocals, guitar*), Phil Everly (vocals, guitar*), Dave Edmunds (guitar), Pete Wingfield* (keyboards), Albert Lee* (guitar), John Giblin* (bass), Terry Williams* (drums), Gerry Conway* (drums), Phil Donelly* (guitar), Jeff Lynne (bass), Richard Tandy (keyboards) --*unconfirmed

  • Released On:
    • The Everly Brothers LP album (1984 UK Mercury MERH 44)
    • The Story Of Me 7" single (1984 UK Mercury M ER 180)
    • E.B. '84 LP album (1984 USA Mercury 822 431-1)
    • The Everly Brothers CD album (1984 USA/Germany Mercury 822 431-2) [CD manufactured in Germany; sold domestically in USA]
    • The Story Of Me 7" single (1984 November USA Mercury 880 423-7)
    • Album Flash VHS videotape (1984 USA Sony 0026665)
    • Album Flash VHS videotape (1986 UK Channel 5 CFV 02762)
    • The Mercury Years CD album (1993 July 20 USA Mercury 514 905-2)
    • E.B. '84 CD album (1994 July USA Razor & Tie Music RE 2040)
    • On The Wings Of A Nightingale: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (1984 - 1988) CD album (2005 USA Hip-O Select B0004933-02)
    • On The Wings Of A Nightingale: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings (1984 - 1988) digital album (2017 March 31 USA Mercury Records 602557566468)
    • EB 84 digital album (2017 May 5 USA Mercury Records 602557639636)

  • Top UK Chart Position: - Did not chart
  • Top US Chart Position: - Did not chart