Jeff Lynne - Video! [Single/Album Version]Details

"In 1984, when speculation on ELO's future was at its height, Jeff released Video, probably one of the worst songs he ever wrote. The B-side, Sooner Or Later, was far superior. A picture disc and a 12-inch were released, the latter containing an instrumental version of Video. Video came from the soundtrack of Electric Dreams, a film which, like Xanadu, Jeff now bitterly regrets his involvement with. He also contributed another track to the Electric Dreams LP, Let It Run, an excellent Dave Edmunds-like rocker. Jeff has more than once considered the idea of a solo album. On the strength of his solo releases so far, I would advise against this as there is something intangible that is present on ELO records that he can't seem to capture on his own, plus, of course, as we have seen, his solo records don't sell as well!"
Ian Somerville (1988 - Face The Music fanzine #4)

"August 1984: Jeff appears on the Electric Dreams soundtrack (Virgin V2318). Released in a limited edition sleeve, it features two tracks from Jeff-- Let It Run ('r 'n' 'r played by microchip) and Video (' a poor man's Trevor Horn...'). Reviews from Sounds 25.8.84 by Garry Johnson... The 'hilarious' video is best forgotten (Jeff Lynne trying to look and act anonymously, clips of the predictable movies and a film editor struggling with and being tied up in reels and reels of film tape...). Video, the first single from the soundtrack is released in 7-inch, 12-inch and 7-inch picture disc formats, with rather good Sooner Or Later the non-album b-side. Very low chart action."
Andrew Whiteside (1993 - Face The Music fanzine #16)

"Also during 1984-- and credited as a solo artist-- Jeff Lynne provided three tracks for the movie soundtrack Electric Dreams, including the single Video and the outstanding techno-rocker Let It Run."
Rob Caiger (February 26, 2007 - Balance Of Power remaster liner notes)

"In 1984, [Jeff] and Richard contributed two songs, Video! and Let It Run, to the soundtrack of the movie Electric Dreams, as well as a third song, Sooner Or Later, released as the B-side of Video!, a single which only just crept inside the top hundred chart."
John Van der Kiste (August 2015 - Jeff Lynne: Electric Light Orchestra - Before and After)

  • Running Time: 3:26
  • Record Date: 1983 or 1984
  • Record Location: Unknown
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Performed By: Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar), Richard Tandy (synthesizer), other artists and instruments unknown

  • Released On:
    • Electric Dreams LP album (1984 UK Virgin V 2318)
    • Electric Dreams LP album (1984 USA Epic SE 39600)
    • Video! 7" single (1984 UK Virgin VS 695)
    • Video! 7" picture disc single (1984 UK Virgin VSY 695)
    • Video! 12" single (1984 UK Virgin VS 695-12)
    • Video! 7" single (1984 August USA Epic 34 04570)
    • Video! 12" promo single (1984 August USA Epic AS 1905)
    • Electric Dreams CD album (1994 October 4 UK Virgin CDV 2318)

  • Top UK Chart Position: - Did not chart
  • Top US Chart Position: 85

  • Used in the Film or TV Program: Electric Dreams (1983)