Secret Messages Tour


Electric Light Orchestra -- Secret Messages Tour

An in-depth look at the tour that never happened

Comments and Observations

In short, a tour in support of the 1983 Secret Messages album never happened.

Jeff was clearly getting tired of touring and had no interest in touring to support the album. He had just gotten off of the Time tour in 1982 which had taken him away from his new family with two very young daughters. Add to this the fact that around this time, Jeff being sued by bassist Kelly Groucutt at the time for a share of ELO's profits as well as some disagreements he was having with manager, Don Arden. He was growing increasingly disenchanted with the band. Secret Messages was meant to be ELO's final album at the time, so Jeff was probably hoping he could get by with a successful album without a tour, as he had done with Discovery in 1979.

Jeff did make a few promotional appearances to promote the album and singles. He gave a few radio interviews in the US and UK and the band got together long enough to make a couple of promo videos for Rock 'n' Roll Is King and Secret Messages. Otherwise, there was very little promotion from the band. Because the band was not touring, drummer Bev Bevan joined Black Sabbath's touring band for their 1983/1984 Born Again world tour. Kelly Groucutt was dismissed from the band shortly after the videos were produced. Mik Kaminski and Richard Tandy also appeared in the promo videos, but otherwise offered no known album promotion or live performances.

With the band disintegrating at this time, it wouldn't be until the release of the Balance Of Power album in 1986 that the band would return, albeit briefly, to the stage.

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Robert Porter
August 2018