Electric Light Orchestra - The First Days Of September [Unreleased Demo Recording]Details

The actual name of this song is not clear. It's only known in demo form. For many years it's been known only from a segment played on a Kenny Everett radio broadcast some time in the 1970s and was, for many years, only known as the title of the opening line "I See No One". Some sources also attributed the title by Billion Dollar Brain (which is thought to be a typo of Billion Dollar Brian) which was probably the working title only. As more information about the track has come to light, sources have identified the title as The First Days Of September from a main phrase heard in the chorus. In the song can be heard some of the same melody as Can't Get It Out Of My Head and it is from the same era during the Eldorado sessions.

"Well [The First Days Of September] kind of did [get released] in as much as the sequence at the intro and outro and bridge is pretty well Can't Get It Out Of My Head and the vocal line above it is what the choir sang on that song. I remember Jeff calling me a couple of days before the sessions and singing that line and asking me to include it."
Louis Clark (January 30, 2007 - personal communications with engineer Kenny Denton)

  • Running Time: 1:26 (approximate)
  • Record Date: 1974 (estimate)
  • Record Location: Unknown
  • Written By: Jeff Lynne
  • Produced By: Jeff Lynne
  • Engineered By: Kenny Denton
  • Performed By: Jeff Lynne (vocal, guitar), Richard Tandy* (piano), Michael De Albuquerque* (bass), Bev Bevan* (drums, percussion) -- *uncomfirmed

  • Released On: Unreleased (bootlegged)